Protesters in Ferraz, Spain
Protesters in Ferraz, Spain

Amnesty in Spain: A Road to Coup d’Etat?

Spain held early general elections on July 23, 2023. The result favored the PSOE, after a few months and the attempt of Feijoo, leader of the PP, to form a government and not having the possibility to do so. King Felipe VI called Pedro Sanchez as a candidate to form the government of Spain. Everything seems to indicate that Sánchez will have his ‘Frankenstein’ government.

In the last two weeks, Spain has experienced a historic moment. An amnesty that aims to eliminate the crimes of Catalan politicians who organized a referendum of independence and later declared the unilateral declaration of independence on October 27, 2017. (Although later they would end up suspending it to discuss it in the Parliament of Catalonia.)

For this very reason, many Spanish citizens have taken to the streets to protest against this measure in Ferraz, headquarters of the PSOE. Many believe that this law and this government will put an end to the rule of law and even lead to a coup d’état. For this reason, I bring Ruben Herrero de Castro, political scientist, doctor and professor of Political Science at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Political Scientist Rubén Herrero de Castro in a television program. (Source: Ruben Herrero de Castro Twitter)

Political Scientist Rubén Herrero de Castro in a television program. (Source: Ruben Herrero de Castro Twitter)

What is the reason for the protests in Spain?

A pact between enemies of Spain, sponsored by Pedro Sanchez’s socialist party, which will grant an amnesty to all those involved in the Catalan separatist coup d’état of October 1, 2017.

Before talking about the amnesty, could you put us in context of what happened in 2017 for those who don’t know what happened in Catalonia?

In 2017, separatist, philo-terrorist and anti-Spanish forces organized an illegal referendum on the independence of Catalonia, in the face of the passivity of the Popular Party, which was in power at the time. Once celebrated, the now fugitive from justice, Carlos Puigdemont, declared the independence of Catalonia, a region in the northeast of Spain, in an absolutely illegal way. He subsequently fled Spain and a trial was held against other politicians and activists involved in the coup. Various and intense political pressures led to a lesser sentence for the defendants.

Despite this, for a week, there were episodes of bloody and unprecedented violence in Catalonia, sponsored by the separatist political forces, responsible for the coup d’état.

Violence at its peak, which was allowed by the then ruling party, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, which continues in government today. Since then, this infamous government has been making pacts with pro-terrorist and coup plotters in order to remain in power.

What is the purpose of the amnesty?

First, Pedro Sanchez’s permanence in power. Then the subversion of the constitutional order in Spain and the establishment of a socialist dictatorship in Spain, where the separation of powers will not exist and will be governed exclusively by the Executive, taking refuge in a judiciary that is not gagged, it will be a puppet, for its sinister purposes.

Can it be considered a coup d’état?

Of course. It means the end of the separation of powers in Spain, the discretion of power and finally a change of regime, which will mean the replacement of liberal democracy and parliamentary monarchy by a dictatorial and socialist republic.

King Felipe VI is responsible for signing all laws, according to his criteria, this law attempts against the unity of Spain and against the constitution. Do you think he will sign this law?

I believe that he will sign the law and in doing so he will make his gravest mistake, because he will pave the way for the end of democracy and monarchy in Spain.

It will end up putting an end to our history and monarchical tradition that goes back more than seven centuries.

He shouldn’t sign that abject law, but I’m afraid he will. 

Many political analysts believe that the next step could be a referendum of self-determination for Catalonia, is it possible?

Absolutely. It is the next step in the coup d’état perpetrated by Pedro Sanchez. It is the next pound of flesh that the criminals will demand against Spain, who make a pact with him.

Last week, Pedro Sanchez was elected president of the Spanish government with 179 deputies. Do you think the legitimacy of the majority of the Congress is enough?

As the leader of the opposition in Spain, Santiago Abascal, president of VOX, rightly says, it is not only an illegitimate government but also an illegal one. The first is to achieve power through lies. The second is by the means chosen to remain in power.

How would you define Sanchez?

Traitor to Spain.

Do you think it will be a long or short legislature? PSOE will need the “Yes” of Junts per Catalunya, Bildu, PNV and ERC to approve the annual budget?

It will be a four-year term. All those involved in the coup d’état are needed for their bastardized purposes for their benefit and against Spain. In these iron times, in this hour of the pygmies, the patriots, led by VOX must not give truce to these criminals, and pose an unprecedented political and cultural battle, without any calm or moderation. War on the enemy of our land. And let be clear to the dirty yellow-toothed pygmies who now govern illegitimately and illegally the true patriots will win and Spain will prevail. Then the traitor and his accomplices will be brought to justice. The strong gods will return, and the hour of the patriots will replace this miserable hour of the pygmies. Let them lose all hope, Spain will win.

We saw last week the famous American journalist, Tucker Carlson at the Ferraz demonstrations, do you think Santiago Abascal is the best opposition leader to internationalise the conflict?

Tucker Carlson’s interview is a milestone. In less than a week it already has 10 million views and will be an unstoppable crescendo that will allow us to show the world that in Spain there are true patriots like Santiago Abascal. That we do not give up. Santiago Abascal at this moment is, in fact and de facto, the only leader of the opposition in Spain, given the abdication of the Popular Party, who is content to wait for its moment, to inherit power, something that is not going to happen. Because we are in a coup d’état.

We must internationalise this protest, make this issue visible internationally, and here Tucker Carlson, the first in international political communication has done and does a priceless job and also highlights a true statesman like Santiago Abascal, who “takes the bull by the horns”, who faces reality, who assumes the costs, the consequences, the personal risk, that this decision leads him to lead the opposition in Spain, but he is not alone, millions of patriots, we are with him. Therefore, we must point out the relevance of this interview, which will mark a before and after in this conflict, in this coup d’état perpetrated by Pedro Sánchez and the Socialist Party.

Signs of protesters criticising Sánchez and the Catalan independence movement at an SCC demonstration in Barcelona, 8 October 2023 (Photo: VOX Espana / Wikimedia Commons)

Signs of protesters criticising Sánchez and the Catalan independence movement at an SCC demonstration in Barcelona, 8 October 2023 (Photo: VOX Espana / Wikimedia Commons)

The two opposition parties, PP and Vox have taken the amnesty to the European Union to demonstrate the attack on the rule of law committed by Sanchez, do you think the EU will do something?

I am skeptical with the current configuration of the European Union, because in the European Parliament and in the institutions, the European People’s Party and the European Socialist Party still have a relevant weight and are part of a global network, a list that supports parties such as the Socialist Party. With which, in an unprecedented way, the European People’s Party collaborates.

We must remember that there have been many proposals of the Socialist Party of the Left and the Woke Movement that have been supported by the Spanish People’s Party, the European People’s Party.

Therefore, with the current configuration of the European Union, I do not see a strong response from Europe; another thing is the resulting configuration after the elections to the European Parliament in May 2024, where the patriots will have a very relevant and significant force in addition.

From the one they already have with Giorgia Meloni, President Duda, Viktor Orban. But these elections to the European Parliament will drastically change the configuration of the institutions, that of the European Parliament, obviously, where the patriots will be the second political force at least. That will be the moment to provoke a great international reaction. Against the coup d’état of Pedro Sanchez. 

In this international scenario, something very relevant has also happened in the last hours: the victory of an Argentine patriot such as Javier Milei in Argentina. The socialist government of Pedro Sanchez is running out of alliances and allies were fully confident in the triumph of Sergio Massa and have found that Argentina will have a patriot who has explicitly supported Vox and Santiago Abascal in the last Viva 22 event. The patriotic event that is annually organized by Vox. 

This also changes the situation drastically; the international scenario turns towards patriotism and this will be an element against the criminal aspirations of Pedro Sanchez and his party.

The trade union Solidaridad has called for a general strike throughout the country, do you think it will have an effect?

It should have and if not, do it again. And so on, until the criminal socialist government falls. Regrettably, the brave appeal of this Spanish workers’ union does not have the support of the Popular Party, which have already officially declared that it would only support a strike if it were called by the leftist unions of the UGT and CCOO, accomplices of the framework that has led to this coup against our democracy. This party, believes that the current situation is just a passing storm, thinks that they will finally inherit power. They haven’t understood anything, it’s a coup d’état.

Sergio Velasco
Sergio Velasco is a Spanish political scientist, analyst and political commentator. He is the founder of Filosofia Política, a social media-based enterprise where he details and offers his take on Spanish, Hungarian and Polish political developments. A columnist in Hungarian and Spanish press, he is often invited on television to share his thoughts with the viewers.

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