People of Georgia protesting Russian invasion of Ukraine in Tbilisi. Photo: Nikita Babenko /

How Putin’s Words and Charisma Got Hijacked And How Russia Was Forced to Return to the 20th Century Because of It

Many remember the days, maybe even weeks leading up to Russia’s ‘special military operation’ – ultimately, the invasion of Ukraine – on February 22nd, when the Biden administration was echoing the imminent nature of an assault and was eventually putting up precise dates as the alleged day 1. This, and the outsider nature and unexpected charisma of Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky shifted the war long before it began. And it was a turning point that made Putin go back two decades in warfare.

In this article we take a detailed look at the way Ukraine and Russia communicated at the start of the war and we argue that Ukraine undoubtedly took the initiative, thus lessening the efficiency of Russia’s invasion, on the scene of international politics.

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Tamas Arki
An international relations analyst, holding an MA degree in International Studies and a journalist, specializing in international affairs, having written for both online and print publications in Hungary.

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