Cambridge Mosque, United Kingdom (Photo: Unsplash / Rumman Amin)
Cambridge Mosque, United Kingdom (Photo: Unsplash / Rumman Amin)

Muslims in Europe: Euro-Islam for Integration or Push for Eurabia?

The growing influx of people from the Islamic word is developing into a rather complex question when it comes to European politics and society. Europe's muslims can be willing to live alongside European core values and way of life but there are more conservative, even fundamentalist individuals and groups who present challenges.

In this analysis, István Vass looks at the historical, religious and social markers and basics that define the European people of Islam and presents the key points of their political and social ambitions in Europe's countries, ultimately aiming, within the limits of a newspaper article, to present the concepts in the title and to offer possible scenarios concerning the situation of Islamic minorities in Europe.

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István Vass
István Vass is a Hungarian foreign policy journalist. Graduated in European and International Administration, he spent his traineeship at the Hungarian Permanent Representation in Brussels and then went on to work in various ministries inside the Hungarian public administration. His articles have been published in various online and print outlets in Hungary. In his writing he focuses on the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and the post-soviet region.

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