The Maidan Square in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo by Gleb Albovsky /Unsplash)
The Maidan Square in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo by Gleb Albovsky /Unsplash)

Ukraine’s Power: A New Player Rises

An analysis by Daniel N. Vig

Ukraine has no doubt been in a defensive war of its land and people and has found itself great partners to help it out, regardless of individual agendas. Thanks to the economic and military aid from the European Union, the UK and the United States, Ukraine has not only been able to hold up against one of the biggest armies but could also, especially if it emerges victorious in some sort of peace deal, step up onto the international stage as a well-respected and militarily very potent middle power with access to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union.

What are the key features keeping Ukraine away from such dreams even with the overwhelming military solidarity? How should Kyiv's substantially heightened military power be harnessed and kept in check?


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Daniel N. Vig
Daniel N. Vig is an energy policy expert having recently worked for Hungarian governmental energy policy institutions including being an analyst for Hungary's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. With an eye on the security policy implications of the sector he is also a former NATO Project Assistant.

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