Die Wolfe by Radosav Eric (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Die Wolfe by Radosav Eric (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

German Nuclear Power: Present In The Past

Germany has been in a political credibility turmoil and not mainly because of its changing stances concerning the Ukrainian war. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his government's biggest fear should not lie in foreign policy; they must focus on energy supply.

Germany has found itself in a quagmire with a forced Energiewende and a very controversial nuclear shutdown. The latter has come in the time when maybe it would be needed the most.

In this analysis Daniel N. Vig examines the past of German nuclear power and energy policy, examines the uncertain present and sheds light on the bright future – should the government align behind one particular source.

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Daniel N. Vig
Daniel N. Vig is an energy policy expert having recently worked for Hungarian governmental energy policy institutions including being an analyst for Hungary's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. With an eye on the security policy implications of the sector he is also a former NATO Project Assistant.

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