Member of VOX in the Parliament of Catalonia Sergio Macián
Member of VOX in the Parliament of Catalonia Sergio Macián

Insecurity is the Main Problem – An Interview on Illegal Migration in Catalonia with Sergio Macián

Catalonia is the region of Spain with the most immigration, the most predominant of which is African, with Morocco and Algeria being the main countries of this immigration. In the last decade,  illegal migration in Catalonia and the crime that has arisen have been a very problematic question, especially in the city of Barcelona.

For this reason, Sergio Velasco interviewed Sergio Macián, a member of the Catalan Parliament for Vox, talking about the increase in crime, effects of mass immigration, and the proposals from Vox.

When did you see the issue of illegal immigration become a serious problem in Spain?

In Spain we have been living for decades with open-door immigration policies. This has intensified in recent years, with the arrival of thousands of unaccompanied foreign minors and the exponential accumulation of large numbers of immigrants in many neighborhoods and towns. Where they are in the majority, integration becomes a chimera.

Illegal immigration has imported a criminal culture from other countries, such as gang rapes, criminal gangs or theft as a way of life.

These are no longer isolated cases, they are daily occurrences.

This has not only affected coexistence and security, but is putting our public services and welfare state on the verge of collapse.

Why do you think that the People’s Party (PP) and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) have not solved this problem?

Because PP and PSOE move in the political axis of globalism, which imposes multiculturalism and massive immigration in Spain and Europe in general. Neither PP nor PSOE can solve this problem, because both are part of it.

Why do you think VOX has been the only party that has raised its voice against this problem?

Because VOX is the only political formation that rebels against the impositions of the globalist agenda and defends the importance of nations and the integrity of their borders to guarantee the survival of the values of our Western civilization. VOX was born precisely to give voice to the real concerns of the Spanish people, in the face of traditional parties and political, economic and cultural elites that have not responded to the needs of citizens.

We know that you are a member of parliament in Catalonia, how do you see this problem in this region?

In Catalonia, the problem of massive and uncontrolled immigration and its impact on citizen security is even more serious than in the rest of Spain.

Violent robberies in broad daylight, stabbings, shootings, gang rapes, etc. And they try to hide it, although the reality ends up coming to the surface. The Guardia Urbana of Barcelona has published that 76% of those arrested between January and June 2022 were foreigners. Catalonia is also the leader in illegal occupation in Spain and the leader in marijuana cultivation in Europe, with important criminal networks of narco-crime installed in our territory.

What are the crime statistics in Catalonia? Have they worsened?

Yes, they have worsened in a very evident way. To understand this, it is enough to look at the reality of the prisons in Catalonia. The percentage of foreigners in Catalan prisons is overwhelming. In 2021 foreigners accounted for 48% of the prisoners in Catalan prisons, almost half of the prison population. The ratio of incarcerated per foreign population in Catalonia is 4.80 times higher than the ratio of incarcerated per Spanish population. And in the Juvenile Penitentiary Center (where convicts between 18 and 21 years of age and exceptionally up to 25 years of age are held) the percentage of foreigners reaches 81%, with a ratio of incarcerated foreign youths 27.81 times higher than the ratio of Spanish inmates.

The Ministry of Interior of the Generalitat de Catalunya has decided that since 2016 the data on the nationality of offenders in Catalonia will not be published.

They say they are committed to transparency, but they deliberately hide the nationality of offenders so that Catalans do not find out what is going on.

In the latest data published in 2016, 66% of sex offenders in Catalonia were foreigners. Reality disarms the narrative of the elites.

What do you think of the management of Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona for the far left Podemos party?

Her policies, both those of the separatist government of Catalonia and those of Mayor Ada Colau, have made Barcelona synonymous with insecurity and degradation. And that is why, year after year, insecurity continues to be the main concern of the people of Barcelona and of many Catalans. No one is unaware that the capital of Catalonia has long since become a focus of all types of crime and that it has been leading all crime statistics of the Ministry of Interior for years.

We have read that pro-independence parties have preferred African immigration to Hispanic immigration because of the language issue, is this true?

The separatist thesis is simple: the lack of ties (affective, religious, cultural or common language) of the Muslim population of North and Central Africa with Spain makes it easier for them to be seduced by Catalan separatism, unlike Hispanic Americans.

Catalonia is by far the most Islamized region in Spain.

The separatism has been courting Muslims for years, even approving the so-called Morocco Plan 2014-17 with which the Generalitat of Catalonia handed over to Rabat, among other things, the guardianship of Islam in Catalonia and the introduction of Arabic and Islamic religion in Catalan schools.

In addition, millionaire subsidies are granted to pro-Islamist groups and associations, facilities are granted for the installation of mosques, which are already more than 300 officially (without counting the undeclared centers of worship), and behaviors contrary to our legal system and our Christian tradition are politically whitewashed.

What do you think would be the solution?

The solution is not to silence the problem and to reverse policies that are encouraging massive and uncontrolled immigration that is putting our whole system of coexistence on the ropes.

They are imposing their ideological and multicultural model without caring about the insecurity and degradation increasingly evident in many Catalan neighborhoods.

If we continue on the same path, in a few years we will have a practically irreversible problem of citizen security as we have today in cities like Paris, Stockholm, London or Brussels.

What does Vox propose?

Firstly and urgently, to proceed to the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants and those legal immigrants who commit serious crimes or make petty crimes their way of life.

Secondly, to put an end to the call effect, putting an end to aid to irregular immigration and abolishing the community ties as a way to regularize illegal immigrants. In one apartment in Barcelona there were once 17,000 immigrants registered.

Thirdly, to carry out a legislative reform that includes the hardening of the Immigration Law and the elevation of the existing requirements for the acquisition of nationality.

Finally, to condition development cooperation aid to those countries that accept the repatriation of immigrants and criminals, as well as to establish quotas of origin, giving priority to those nationalities that share language and cultural ties with our country and with the values of Western Christian civilization.

Many have called you racists, xenophobes, how do you respond to that?

In VOX we are not afraid of the labels that political correctness imposes on us. Our only concern is to respond to the needs of the Spanish people, reversing the policies of the left, giving the cultural battle and defending our sovereignty and our integrity as a nation.

Despite the culture of cancellation and the gags they try to impose on us, it is a fact that more and more Spaniards support us because they see that we defend what is common sense: life, the family, the integrity of our borders and the right to respect our history, our culture, our traditions and, in short, our way of life.

This encourages us to continue the work we are doing.

Sergio Macián is a member of VOX and a member of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Sergio Velasco
Sergio Velasco is a Spanish political scientist, analyst and political commentator. He is the founder of Filosofia Política, a social media-based enterprise where he details and offers his take on Spanish, Hungarian and Polish political developments. A columnist in Hungarian and Spanish press, he is often invited on television to share his thoughts with the viewers.

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